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Welcome to our website! Or the crazy corner as I like to call it.

Here at Phoenix Book Designs, we offer a range of services.

We are so excited to be hosting it's very first Promo Blast running from 14th - 18th February and we would love for you to be involved!

How does a PROMO BLAST run? Glad you asked.

A pre-written Facebook post and graphic from us would need to be scheduled to your page with an individual giveaway on each of your pages. It can be anything: ebooks, gift cards, paperbacks, book-themed gifts, signing tickets... Whatever you like.

Each author would also be required to contribute $5 to the overall grand prize. Depending on how many sign up, we are hoping to have these donations go toward a massive Amazon gift card.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please fill in your details on the below form.

Author Signups

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Killing Me Slowly Anthology Signup

Phoenix Book Designs are so excited to host another anthology.

This time we are going down the "FORBIDDEN LOVE" path.


Filling in this anthology does not guarantee you a spot. You will be contact by the organiser if you are successful.


Genre: Forbidden Love

What is forbidden love you ask? Check out this link for some ideas!,their%20love%20for%20each%20other.


Spots Available: No more than 9 authors will be selected for this anthology.


Buy-In Cost: $50 due upon acceptance into the set (for the cover, formatting, teasers, promo, promotional newsletters). Payment plans are accepted and each author will be invoiced..


Each author will be expected to promote the anthology from cover reveal to the unpublication date, to keep the buy-in cost low.

ALL authors will be expected to share this anthology regularly. If you are not willing to commit 100%, please don't apply.



* Word Count: 25k maximum; must be fully edited before submitting by the due date.

* Only NEW works are accepted.

* Heat Level: It is expected to be steamy.

* Goal: This is a money-making opportunity. Royalty split equally among authors - There will be no management fee as I don't agree with them.

* Details: Exclusivity in the set is mandatory for a period of twelve weeks from release. It will be included in KU and 12 weeks is the minimum term length.

* Deadline: 26th April 2024

* Anthology will release at end of June (more details to be given at a later date on confirmed cover reveal and release dates)



Please contact Lizzie at or message the Phoenix Book Designs Facebook page.


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