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Cover Reveal: The Sins of Silence (Lost in Between #2) by C.N. Marie & Lizzie James

The Sins of Silence (Book #2 in the Lost in Between series) by authors C.N. Marie and Lizzie James

➜ Cover designed by Francessca Wingfield at Wingfield Designs

➜ Buy Link: ➜ Add to your TBR: •°`☆ About the Book ☆`°•

Isobel I was the fun one. The bubbly one of the group. The girl who took no drama from anyone but always had plenty to dish out. I always lived my life with no regrets and like it was my last every day of the week. All that changed when he entered my life and turned it upside down. He made me re-evaluate everything about my life and risk it all for him. Gone was the Brooklyn party girl and instead I saw everything that I had been missing. I saw my dreams take on a life of their own and when I was still standing after our fallout, I hoped that he would still be standing at my side.

Christopher I was a soldier. I was disciplined. I was a wreck. After being medically discharged from the Army, I thought my life was over. I returned home to my family and I had no place. I had become out of sync with civilian life and I let myself become lost as I tried to carve out a new path. Little did I know that my path was coming straight at me. Isobel made me want to change and it was something I was unprepared. I would do anything to win her over but as we got to know each other, I quickly learned that I wasn’t changing for her. She was helping me to find my wings again and I just hoped she would still be with me when I burned out.

These two had a mask that they showed the world but when they come together, they show just how brightly even a broken soul can shine. Can Isobel and Christopher come together and make their own path or will mistakes of the past divide them?

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