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New Release: Be My Butterfly (A Crimson Moon Hideaway Novel) by Natalie-Nicole Bates

Be My Butterfly (Part of the Crimson Moon series) by Natalie-Nicole Bates


Graveyard fae Perron Morneau arrives at Crimson Moon Hollow with a dual purpose.

To reacquaint himself with the only woman he ever really loved, butterfly shifter, Lulu Garnier. Lulu was the woman who once saved his life.

At the same time, he plans long-awaited revenge on his first wife, Tullie LaCroix, who is at the resort to marry her long-time love, Neyla Bennett.

Decades earlier, Perron was cast out of the Paris catacombs where he owned and operated a successful mushroom farm. When a virus raged through the catacombs, Perron was infected and cast out. Tullie immediately sold the mushroom farm, took the money, migrated to the surface, and began her life anew, believing Perron to be dead.

Now, Perron must tread a fine line to keep his past life and current plan from Lulu.

When his revenge is nearly complete, whose relationship will still be standing? Will his blind thirst to revenge the past destroy his future with Lulu, the woman he really loves?

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