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New Release: Firefly (Stargazing #3) by Eleanor Lloyd-Jones

Firefly (Book #3 in The Stargazing series) by Eleanor Lloyd-Jones

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Firefly is book #3 of the Stargazing series, a 12-book series of standalones.

In desperate times, an indecent proposal is a tempting light in the dark—a mere seven

words that might just save a life but that will, undoubtedly, ruin their futures.

With a potential loss in each hand, how can they keep hold of the ones they love? Is turning

down the offer even an option? And with whom does the decision lie?

Whichever way it turns, their worlds are about to come crashing down.

Will the love between Julian and Annie be strong enough, or will coming back from the

devastation leave open wounds that can never heal?

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