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New Release: Hope (Stargazing #6) by Lauren Grace

Hope (Book #6 in the Stargazing series) by Lauren Grace

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Blurb Hope is book #6 of the Stargazing series, a 12-book series of standalones.

I had my life planned out. I was going to be a big star, the world’s No.1 female singer/songwriter. I would travel the world, performing and partying with the biggest names. But of course, It didn’t work out like that. Throw in a good looking guy, a baby, your worst nightmare and an extremely hot doctor. It’s probably best that I don’t mention the dogging, the special brownies or that my best friend makes the Stifler look like Mary Poppins. But that’s life, you have to make the best of it. I would soon learn that life is a precious & powerful thing. It would take my life and make my entire world shatter into a million pieces.

Hope is a stand-alone within the Stargazing series. A hysterical, heartbreaking and unconventional love story.

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