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New Release: If She Didn't Love Me by Sherri Storey

If She Didn't Love Him (Book #1 in the What If series) by Sherri Storey

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Two men, two years lived twice, one woman caught between them, and a heart wrenching choice.

When the past turns into the present, the future becomes an impossible dream.

A freak accident has shattered Kylie Brennan's entire world. A stroll into a sunflower field completely alters it, catapulting her back in time.

Is time travel even possible? She is left questioning everything including her own sanity. She's been transported back two years, back to that night with the impossible choice. This time there is more on line than a broken heart. With this second chance, she can rewrite history.

Challenging fate and changing destiny is not without consequence though. It comes with a huge price tag.

Kylie has sacrificed so much, but is it enough? Will the universe still play out with the same soul-shattering devastation?

What has she done to her own future? She may have just lost everything.

A sweet romance novel of heartbreaking loss, sacrifice, and moving on. Set in a charming small town with a quirky family and even quirkier friends. It is low heat, high angst with a happily ever after that won't disappoint. Don't miss the book that started it all 'Where the Sunflowers Touch the Sky'.

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