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New Release: Loco (A Nefarious Souls Novel) by L G Campbell

Loco (A Nefarious Souls Novel) by L G Campbell

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If I don't like someone; I kill them.

If someone interrupts me; I kill them.

If I get angry, sad, or creative; I kill them. You see a pattern emerging, right?

I don't care for people, they irritate me.

I am feared, I am hated and no one dares to challenge me.

She doesn't fear me, she loves to challenge me.

The strange thing is, she doesn't hate me, she loves me.

She loves this monster?! And people think I'm loco.


I was born and raised to be his, no one will ever understand him like I do.

We are made for each other, he just doesn't realise it yet.

I will show him just how perfect together we can be.

My love, my forever.

It's not every day the world's most dangerous man and woman fall in love and you know what they say?

A couple that kills together, stays together.

This is a romance like no other. A dark, disturbed & wonderfully insane love story.


Contains violence, explicit sexual situations, sensitive and taboo subjects, offensive language and very mature topics.

Recommended for ages 18 and over.

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