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New Release: Mafia Queen by Amanda Davies

MafiaQueen (Book #1 in the Tradimento series) by Amanda Davies

➜ Add to your TBR:

** Available on all major retailers for a limited time **


✅ Mafia Romance

✅ Bad ass Mafia Queen

✅ Hot as hell Hero

✅ Betrayal

Amelia Luciano is the first female Mafia boss. She’s willing to do anything to protect her family and the legacy that her father built.

She’s worked hard to make the empire stronger than ever.

But there’s still some soldiers that aren’t happy a woman is leading them and are doing everything they can to sabotage her and the operations of the Luciano Famiglia.

While Amelia should be focusing all her efforts in finding out who’s betraying the family, she’s being distracted by Lorenzo De Luca, a man that rocks her world in ways she never thought possible.

She’s falling hard and fast for the man who’s with her every step of the way.

Will Lorenzo help strengthen the Luciano empire or will his distractions be the reason that Amelia’s empire crumbles.

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