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New Release: Rough Seas (Tom Grant #4) by Samantha Adair

Rough Seas (Book #4 in the Tom Grant series) by Samantha Adair

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“This place…” Tom looks around. “It’s always noisy. For me.” He swallows and rests his eyes back on Isabella’s serene face. “You can’t hear it. But I can.”

Former flame, Abigail Perkins turns up on Tom’s doorstep covered in blood. An officer’s wife has been murdered, and Abbie is the prime suspect. She needs Tom to prove her innocence, but the key to clearing her name lays onboard the Arrochar.

The ship he vowed never to set foot on again.

The ship that destroyed him.

Tom reluctantly assumes the covert role of Commander of the Arrochar. It isn’t long before the demons that lurk below deck resurface and threaten to drown Tom in his own shame.

Will Tom find the truth and clear Abbie’s name, or will the event that led to him abandoning the Navy finally drive him to self-destruction?

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