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New Release: Ruthless Monsters (The Damned Crew #1) by M.G. Rayne

Ruthless Monsters (Book #1 in The Damned Crew series) by M. G Rayne

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Women are weak, breakable, replaceable little things— that’s how we’re seen in this place. But they have no clue who they’re up against.

My past haunts me as much as the darkness coursing in my veins thrills me. For six years, I’ve struggled to live each day as if what grows inside me can ever be tamed. That effort is lost once I meet him.

The Soulless.

In a deal made by my boss, I am handed over to this man who hates me as much as he wants to own me. We test each other. Push each other. Tempt each other. When things take a darker turn, and I learn the truth he’s been hiding, my limits are tested.

We are about to see who the weakest one truly is. I am not called “Reaper“ for nothing.

May the best monster win.

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