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New Release: Sealed With a Kiss by Adina D. Grey

Sealed With a Kiss (Book #1 in the DarkHeaven series) by Adina D. Grey


Love rockstar romance? Then you need to meet DarkHeaven. Seven books, seven amazing authors who are ready to win you over with each band mates’ journey to their happily ever after. Sealed with a Kiss is the first DarkHeaven book, the beginning of a seven part series releasing throughout 2022.

Matthew When we finally got the call, the dream, it was time to celebrate. We made it. SMD Studios signed us and we are on our way up - Dark Haven is coming! That celebration came to fruition when a petite blonde caught my eye. One night stands aren't my thing, but it appears she didn't know that, her disappointment clear.

Angel I ran. But it was worth it. Two months traveling around Europe was exactly what I needed to get my head and heart back in line. The same heart that skipped a beat when I crossed gazes with the dark haired heartthrob that looked like a good time. Unfortunately, our wires got crossed and the pure lust I felt was tempered by his past. When I turn up at work to find him and the rest of his band in my office, I know fate has a sense of humour. The last time I mixed business with pleasure broke my heart. Can I risk it again? Should I?

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