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New Release: The Maiden of the Stones by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

The Maiden of the Stones (Book #4 in The Celtic Highland Maidens series) by Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

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The Romans have taken everything from her. When Maeve is robbed of the life she’d expected, will she learn to live and love again?

Maeve Blogh’s marriage arrangement is a love match. What more could a Caledonii lass ask for? Her father, mighty chieftain Ru Blogh, has determined that she can wed the heir and chieftain-to-be of a neighboring village, tall and handsome Roark MacAaron. The arrangement makes for a strong Caledonii alliance against the Roman invaders.

He ignites a ferocious passion in her, and all else in the world is forgotten. In fact, the only thing not perfect in her life is their trouble with the encroaching Romans, who seem intent on breaking the already-weak treaty with the Caledonii tribe. Roark and other warriors are tasked with trying to put the Romans in their place, with disastrous results.

Suddenly the future she’d planned with Roark is gone, and Maeve finds herself sharing vows with his younger brother and the new chieftain, Keir. She promises to be his wife and help Keir become the leader his brother would have been.

Keir is everything Roark is not: slender, contemplative, and passive. Maeve fears her heart might never open to this young man whose grief matches her own. Yet, the more time they spend together, the greater their affection grows, as does their passions, and she feels her heart coming to life once more.

Yet, there is still a scar on her heart, one that is marked for Roark alone. And when life again shifts the foundation of her world, Maeve must make a harrowing choice.

A choice that could make everything she and her people have worked for come crashing down around them.

Start The Maiden of the Stones and discover this exhilarating love triangle story today!

The novels in this series are serial stand-alones and can be read individually in any order, if desired. These historical romances are set in the ancient Scottish Highlands and do not shy away from steamy scenes, archaic curses and violence, and accurate scenes of ancient life and death!

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