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Check out some testimonials below from authors that have used our services.

I've used Phoenix Book Designs for proofreading, formatting and promo's.
I cannot recommend Phoenix Book Designs enough for their excellent services. 
Very thorough when proofing, formatting is beautiful and flawless, and fabulous with book promo. 

- L G Campbell

I use Phoenix Book Designs almost exclusively for my proofreading. She has an amazing eye and makes sure every little typo or odd wording is corrected. Since I've started using her, she's proofread my books under three pen names, and I actually look forward to getting her comments back! Phoenix has a quick turnaround and I plan on continuing to use them as long as I'm writing! Excellent service and I consider myself fortunate for having found their services.

- Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple

Lizzie ensures a quality service is provided and that your every need is met with her teaser designs. She checks colours to fonts and makes sure that the designs you receive you are completely happy with. A fantastic affordable service.

Lizzie allows all the stress to melt away from a promotion tour by running the event with precision. She makes sure that your book is in the best hands and shared far and wide with her supportive team. A must have service to experience. Lizzie is an amazing person who you can tell thoroughly enjoys every aspect of the tasks she does. The hard work and effort she puts in is shown through every message and communication she sends whilst she completes each piece lovingly to your specification. Lizzie has an eye for detail that makes the pieces she works on come alive with ease. A fantastic company to work with that should be proud of what they have achieved.

- C.N. Marie

I've been writing on apps for years, but only recently took the plunge into self-publishing, all thanks to this service. If you, like me, are bamboozled when it comes to formatting, then this service takes the pressure off you. You can choose how simple or fancy you want the fonts & page headers. My books look amazing thanks to Lizzie. She goes above and beyond to find the style you ask for. I also had two release blitz promos, and they helped me to make my debut launch a success. If you're a newbie to publishing like I am, this service helps you to showcase your work to its highest standards. You're getting so much for a bargain price. 

- Kelly Lord

Lizzie is an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a tight deadline and needed a formatter. She did a spectacular job and worked with me to make exactly what I envisioned come to life through the cleanest format and what I needed. I plan on going back to her for my next book, too! She's a genuine and sweet person, and I'm grateful to have found her! 

- Monica Arya

I've used Phoenix promotional services a few times now for release blitzes. I've always found them to be professional, approachable and easy to work with. The reviews are always written on time and my work has been shared on lots of different platforms, all helping to get my work noticed. Great value for money.
I'm using them again for my Christmas release and looking forward to working with Phoenix for another successful outcome.

- Toya Richardson

I enjoy working with Phoenix Book Designs both for promoting my books and the gorgeous formatting. 

- Danielle Jacks

From the first contact Lizzie was professional, kind and put me at ease. With this being my first book ever I was worried I’d do everything wrong but she really took care of everything for me and made my book look absolutely beautiful to boot. I cannot thank you enough! 

- A.C. Marsh

Working with Lizzie and Phoenix Book Designs was a dream. It was stress free and Lizzie was the most helpful person ever. I highly recommend everyone to work with her and definitely give 5 stars. I wish I could give more

- Koko Heart

Lizzie is brilliant, I’m new author and Lizzie has been so supportive, with proofreading and other services she offers. I would highly recommend Phoenix.

- Carrie Austin-Malone

Lizzie did the formatting for my latest novella, Addicted to Love and she was incredible! Quick turnaround, great price and fabulous quality! I’ll definitely be using her again in future!

- Alice La Roux

Lizzie is amazing, she did my Release Blitz for my latest release, In a Heartbeat, and she did a fantastic job... she's professional and always available.. if you need a promotion, formatting, or a proofreader, look no further, Phoenix Book Designs is the best for all you need!!

- Adina D. Grey

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